Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Idols/icons/inspiring people/style gurus........................
Here are a few people i LOVE.  i think their style is amazing, on the money and bang on trend.
Firstly Alexa icon of the last few years, she takes anything and pulls it off, she manages to create sexy without revealing every last inch of her body and isnt afraid to do something different. Alexa is well known all over the world, she has been so successful there is now even a mulberry bag named after her.....MULBERRY!!  i dont think there is much else to say.


Pixie lott...not only does pixie have an amazing album but her sense of style is incredible. She is very comfortable in her own skin and dosen’t care what people say. She dresses the way she does for her, something i admire. Her stylish dress sense hasn’t just blown her fans away either, she has joined forces with the well known brand lipsy to create festival inspired collections (her third one has just been released) i love her vintage appearance with that modern kitsch twist shown through her jewellry and accessories.

Another celebrity i love is fearne cotton... radio presenter, tv presenter  and fashion icon, she sure has her work cut out. I love the mixture of old and new in her style. The pretty features but also that grunge sometimes rock chick blend to her look, creates an artist feel to her clothes and this is known from the paparazzi not being able to keep her eyes of her.


There are soooo many other people and celebritys that i adore, from clothes to hair and makeup. To list a few: Emma roberts, vanessa hudgens, sienna miller, keira knightley, all capture a new and fresh outlook on fashion and inspiring clothes and style. I wish i had all their wardrobes, just imagine the endless outfits......HEAVEN (:
Im off to start a topshop wishlist for you guys,  and at the moment topshop is a depressing factor for me and all my friends, so much stuff so little money.....ahhhhhhh
So long xoxoxox


  1. Great post, I love Alexa Chung and Fearne Cotton, they have such great style.
    Thanks for following me, I will return the favour :)

    Good luck with future blogging! Look forward to checking out future posts x

  2. Alexa Chung is a massive style icon of mine...and i think pixie lott is so pretty!